Our Approach

We pride ourselves on our uniquely pragmatic approach.

We understand that you already have a good grasp of the theory – but what you really want is to see Agile in action in your environment.

That’s why our approach is hands-on and action-oriented – we don’t just talk about it, we make it happen.

We bring our skills and experience to your teams and projects so you can see tangible improvements immediately.

We want you to be self-sufficient. That’s why we train and document tirelessly, so that when we leave, you can continue to benefit from everything we have shared.



Our Bootcamp approach consists of three phases, designed to maximise your benefit in the shortest possible timeframe.

  1. Learn – First we walk your teams through world-class Agile training. We layer our experience on top of industry standards so that you are building on your existing foundations. 
  2. Practice – Then we work with you during a trial sprint, implementing, reviewing and tweaking all the great things you have learned in the first phase.
  3. Enable – Now we integrate your new optimised ways of working into your existing tools so that they’re friction-free. This means consistency and predictability for your team and stakeholders alike.

We aim to to leave you with a working baseline for efficient value delivery in 8 weeks so that you can get on and be successful.

Meet the Team

Waseem Chauhan

Training Advisor

Waseem has deep Change Management experience in the education sector. He has led multi-organisation process transformations, his initiatives achieving 35% improvements in student outcomes. 

Having held multiple senior-level positions, Waseem is focused on building diverse and empowered teams.

Jack Leon

Jack León

Strategy Advisor

Jack has managed product and engineering business units at multiple FTSE 100 companies. He understands the challenges of organising and optimising teams and their ways of working to build and deliver products and services.

Starting as a software developer, Jack has held director-level roles across a variety of industries. Facing very similar productivity challenges, again and again, is what led Jack to want to work with Agile Heuristics.

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