Fixed Price Agile Transformation

An Agile process reset packaged into an 8 week bootcamp.

Transform your team’s productivity and collaboration to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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Scrum and SAFe training provides a good theoretical foundation in Agile ways of working. We at Agile Heuristics build on that, adding practice and execution. 

The Agile Heuristics Bootcamp approach guides your teams through Learning, Practice and Enablement so that the challenges you are facing are not stopping you from delighting your customers.  

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Our Unique Approach


Our bootcamp approach involves practical learning and practice in your environment and on your specific workloads. We help integrate world-class Agile ways of working into your existing systems and processes so that execution is friction-free. That means you can get on with building and delivering value for your customers 


We use intuitive guardrails to give you just enough processes to be effective, while allowing you the freedom to customise more specific aspects of your ways of working 


We have condensed our knowledge into 8 weeks for you. That way we don’t overstay our welcome and you get maximum concentrated value for your money. We do this by diluting years of knowledge and experience into easy-to-follow guides and examples that form a comprehensive set of documentation for how to get Agile right.

Agile methodologies encourage you to evolve and grow to remain agile in your marketplace by inspecting and adapting.

 To do that you need a solid baseline for your Agile ways of working – that’s where we excel. 

Getting your processes right means that people from multiple functions can work hand-in-hand, minimising your IT costs while maximising value and agility.

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